Roof Pro Large Unit SupportIf you need an efficient and cost-effective support solution for large, complex building services units and arrangements then look no further.

We have recently supported plant rooms weighing up to 25,000kg, but this does ultimately depend on the strength of the roof’s build-up.

Roof-Pro’s range of Support Systems has the ability to support some of the largest specialised building services units, such as:

  • Air Handling Units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Plant Rooms
  • Extract Fans
  • Water Tanks

Our expert Design Team will recommend the optimal support arrangement for your units based upon your on-site project requirements.

Not all of our Bespoke Support Solutions are necessarily as complex as what we did at Paradise Street – Liverpool ONE (below), but this particular project shows the kind of sizeable arrangements we are capable of producing as and when our clients require it.

When there is a project such as this, with large and heavy units, a suitable support solution that works with the roof design is critical for managing the unit’s weight and load distribution.

Roof Pro Large Unit SupportIn these types of situations, the Roof-Pro POD arrangement allows for the management of much larger and heavier units, all within the structural parameters of the roof.

Our POD Supports utilise a galvanised steel H-Frame arrangement, facilitating the distribution of the point-loads over four inter-connected support bases.

An example of these POD Supports being used to great effect can be seen in the image below, in this case when supporting heavy chiller units for JP Morgan.

As always, we do highly recommend that a Roof-Pro Support System is combined with one of our Access Solutions.

In both of the projects mentioned above, it meant that the highest possible value was provided to the end-client via the creation of an efficient and non-penetrative solution.

Please feel free to contact your local Technical Sales Manager to discuss your project requirements in detail.

Alternatively, you can call 01536 383865 or e-mail for further information about our products and services.