When choosing building services roof supports, a key objective is to minimise any damage to the existing roof surface. Having to repair or refurbish a roof is an expensive business and may also involve significant disruption for the building’s occupants.

But eventually, all flat roofs will need to be refurbished, to restore the integrity of the surface which will inevitably deteriorate over time due to exposure to UV light, ozone and the British weather. Here we take a look at how Roof-Pro products can help when the time for refurbishment comes around.

Flat Roof Refurbishment

The expected lifespan of a flat roof surface depends very much on the materials chosen for the original membrane and surface layer, but you can expect to have to factor in some kind of refurbishment work every 20-30 years. But while a refurbishment doesn’t happen very often, when it does a building’s owner will want to minimise disruption to its occupants. This will mean as few interruptions as possible to the work of essential building services such as air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

Roof-Pro Products

Unit Supports: We can provide a range of flat roof supports to deal with various building services units, even those which are large or specialised.

The Roof-Pro PF frames can support the largest of units from AHU’s and chillers to water tanks. All frames are supported on our unique pivoting foot mechanism that will allow for up to 8 degrees of roof fall. Our design team will accurately support the unit ensuring attention is given to the to the sectional weights and not just the global loads of the unit.

The Roof-Pro POD system uses a galvanised steel H-frame which spreads the load over four inter-connected support bases. It can be of a standard size or tailored to fit your building’s individual measurements. Our design team will take wind and load managements and point loads into account.


As well as supporting the roof units we will also look to incorporate any access requirements for either the units themselves or to access the entire roof area. Our design team will look to incorporate unit support, access and services supports within one frame, saving time, money and space on the roof.

Safe access and egress of the roof space is also vital under CDM regulations and so Roof-Pro can add access ladders, step overs and platforms and the all-important roof edge protection.

Cabling, Duct and Pipe Supports

Roof-Pro can supply cabling supports in a range of sizes. Our smaller trays, suitable for those buildings with low cable volumes, have a single broad base. The medium-sized trays, which can be standard or bespoke, have two height-adjustable supports and can provide sturdy and flexible protection. Our TAB-2 system, which again could be tailored to fit your individual requirements, can offer support for multiple layers of cables on twin support beams.

Our duct supports are available in a variety of sizes and will keep the ducting in place at the required height, while also featuring adjustable bases. They can be supported from above or below and could dovetail in with other building services.

Using non-penetrative base supports means we can be flexible when it comes to pipe supports, facilitating future re-routing and maintenance access. Again we can offer these in a range of sizes, both standard and bespoke.

Our cabling risers mean cables can be added or worked on independently of the roof surface. The Roof-Pro PP-3 access riser can be used for larger runs of pipes or cables into a building, with a range of standard and bespoke units while Roof-Nek roof service entry is for smaller service cabling and piping runs. Both ranges will ensure that entry points are watertight and properly insulated.

Benefits of Roof-Pro Building Services Roof Supports

Using Roof-Pro roof support frames mean it is easy to gain access to the roof for repair work. As our roof supports allow sufficient clearance space (typically 500mm), it means existing services can be worked around without having to decommission units.

Using our products also means that a new roof membrane or surface can be installed intact onto a clear surface. There will be no need for any tricky working around penetrative supports, which will mean installation can be carried out much more quickly and cost effectively.

As part of our services, existing support legs can be removed, and can later be returned to the same position after refurbishment, saving you the expense of replacement and de-commissioning.

Roof-Pro’s building services roof supports make roof refurbishment easier, saving time and money. Every project is different, so supports can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the individual roof structure you are working on. Our design team will never forget that the long-term objective is to protect your roof. Contact Roof-Pro Rooftop Management Systems to find out more about our products and services.