Guardrail System for Roof Edge Protection

Sure-Foot is always busy developing its services to contractors and builders, and we have now added roof edge protection to our range of quality products for flat roofs.

When you are looking for safety measures to protect your teams at work, our Guardrail system is an ideal choice. This state-of-the-art system comes in kit form, ensuring quick assembly and easy adaptation to the demands of your particular site.

The Need for Roof Edge Protection on Flat Roofs

A number of safety issues arise from working on flat roofs. A variety of people can be needed to carry out different tasks on-site, including those working with power supplies and other utilities as well as roofers and other contractors. However, many flat roofs have low parapets and there is an absence of fall protection on some buildings. So installing safety rails is a wise precaution to guard your staff and prevent the risk of an accident for any of the teams and contractors having to spend time working at height.

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The Guardrail System from Sure-Foot

This easily adaptable system is created to a modular design which makes it easily adaptable to your particular site, as the various segments can be fitted together to give a bespoke solution without bespoke prices. The range includes four varying edge protection systems, which are suitable for different types of flat roof.

All the systems within the range are designed to be compatible with one another, and created from standard components which are easily interchangeable. In each case, the chief components are uprights, which are 1,000 mm long, together with cross rails in pre-cut 2.5 metre lengths, and top riser units to give height adjustability. The uprights and cross rails are made from pre-galvanised steel tubing, ensuring strength and resistance to corrosion.

Our kits also include quality stainless steel clinch nuts and grub screws for added durability. Additional components such as bend attachments, termination, fixed and variable elbows are also available, to enable a wide variety of configurations.

The Guardrail system is available in 4 designs, supporting use on a variety of roof designs and working scenarios.

• Freestanding: The freestanding Guardrail is built to be stable without the need for mechanical attachment to the roof, since it is held down by its own counterbalance weights. When using this type of handrail, there is therefore no need to carry out drilling and risk penetrating waterproof membranes. The counter weights are made from PVC, which is 100% recycled, with each weighing just 20kg, to avoid any danger of putting strain on the roof surface. This design is ideal for creating a temporary barrier which can easily be removed after use, or where attachment to the building is not possible for some reason.

• Folding System: The folding Guardrail shares most of the same key features as the freestanding version, including the non-penetrative PVC weights, and is an equally effective fall protection rail. However, the main difference is that it can be folded flat on to the roof when not in use, making it especially useful for any working areas where it is important to keep visual intrusion down to a minimum.

• Parapet: This is a design suitable for flat roofs where there are parapet walls too low to give full protection against falls. The system uses a bracket which is attached to the existing wall via a clamp. It can be adjusted to fit different widths of wall, from 300-550mm, as well as different heights.

• Topfix: This design of edge protection provides another solution for flat roofs with low parapet walls. It is a flexible system which can be mechanically attached to the top of the walls. As well as being used on construction sites, this design is suitable where permanent edge protection systems are needed for a shaft or stairwell. An extended base plate can also be added to connect this rail to metal roofing systems.


The modular design of these rails brings great flexibility, making them highly beneficial for roofing contractors requiring fall protection systems. Because they can be put together on site from standard components, this means that the installation is easy and can be carried out speedily, with no need for time-consuming welding or bending on site. A variety of attachments can also be used to help to configure the rails to fit a wide range of different roof shapes and sizes.

The non-penetrative design means there will be no damage to the roof surface, and the rails can be installed temporarily or permanently as required. Yet another benefit is that these systems are fully compliant with a variety of BS and HSE standards, giving you an assurance that they provide a high degree of protection to your staff.

If you are seeking roof edge protection for your site, Guardrail systems from Sure-Foot provide a wide range of solutions to suit your needs. Get in touch with us now to find out more about the options available.

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