Flat Roof Rainwater Outlet Solution from ProDrain

12th October, 2015

Flat Roof Rainwater Outlet – ProDrain gives contractors a reliable and easy to fit option for use on refurbishment projects or new installations

Flat Roof Rainwater Outlet – ProDrain gives contractors a reliable and easy to fit option for use on refurbishment projects or new installations

Flat Roof Rainwater Outlet – ProDrain

Flat roofs are especially susceptible to water damage so it is essential that all guttering and rainwater outlets are kept clear of blockages and in perfect working order.

As experts in the whole range of rooftop support solutions, Roof-Pro provide a wide range of ancillary products including ProDrain, a flat roof rainwater outlet solution suitable either for refurbishment of existing roofs, or for new roof installations.

Why Are Flat Roof Rainwater Outlets Needed?

A flat roof cannot rely on gravity to do most of the work required for effective drainage, and so the design of any drainage fittings needs special attention to ensure that rainwater is guided off the roof in a controlled manner.

Failure of any rainwater outlets is likely to result in two potentially serious problems:

Pooling – Standing water on a flat roof can pose a significant threat to a building’s integrity. Whether inside or out, water will find its way through the tiniest of breaches in any surface and can – combined with the natural processes of expansion and contraction throughout the day – contribute to the acceleration of damage to a point that a leak becomes possible. Pooled water which cannot escape via flat roof outlets is one of the most common causes of leaks in this type of roof.

Ingress – Where water isn’t following its intended route off the building, it may be following another route instead, possibly into spaces where it is not wanted. Blockages, cracks or other problems may mean water is being allowed or forced into areas where it can do damage. In the worst case, this might mean leakages into building joints, which can give rise to damp or even undermine the structural integrity of the building in the longer term.

Flat roof rainwater outlets are an essential element in preventing the build up of standing water. As well as ensuring that they are free of blockages, it is also important to ensure that the way they are fitted to the roof does not in itself create an opportunity for leaks, for instance due to cracks, or deterioration in bonding.

Flat Roof Rainwater Outlets from Roof-Pro

ProDrain Rainwater Outlets

Roof-Pro have developed ProDrain as a solution to this problem, giving roofing contractors a reliable and easy to fit option which can be used either on roof refurbishment projects, or on new roof installations.

ProDrain has a number of special features designed to create a watertight solution on a wide range of roofing materials:

Stainless steel spigot – Won’t rust or crack, but can expand and contract when exposed to heat or cold in different seasons.

Choice of membranes – The membrane flange can be ordered in a wide choice of roofing materials to match the main roof surface.

Large flange – A 50cm x 50cm flange create a large surface area for onsite bonding with the roof/parapet surface, helping to ensure a good seal.

Factory bonded membrane – Factory bonding under controlled conditions produces a more reliable bond than one carried out on site, in the open and subject to a range of weather conditions. The chosen membrane fabric is bonded to the spigot at our factory in a moisture-free environment and to a consistent, high standard. This is to ensure no leakage at the join between membrane and pipe – typically the weakest point in any drainage arrangement. Factory bonding also means that onsite installation is quicker, helping to reduce the total time needed for installation or refurbishment.

O-ring seal – This is useful when joining the spigot onto pre-existing pipework in a refurbishment project, to help provide a watertight but flexible join.

Range of diameters – ProDrain can cater for all pipework sizes ranging between 45mm and 178mm diameter.

Available in 3 variations, ProDrain can deal with vertical or horizontal drainage situations, to fit in with existing drainage arrangements.



ProDrain – Deals with vertical drainage off a flat surface. Available in 11 spigot diameters and a choice of membrane materials.


ProDrain Parapet – Deals with horizontal or inclined drainage off a parapet roof edge. Also available in 11 diameters and a choice of membranes.


ProDrain Parapet Plus – Deals with horizontal or inclined drainage through a parapet and where spigot may not be circular. The spigot can be a choice of stainless steel or PVC and is available in 3 sizes.

ProDrain is just one of a number of products from Roof-Pro designed to help professional building and roofing contractors achieve high quality results in less time. Our range includes supports for building services units, access walkways and other structures, access risers, lightning conductor fixing and more.

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