Roof Pro Condenser SupportNeed a cost-effective, non-penetrative support solution for external condenser units?

The Roof-Pro PF Range is readily available in a number of standard sizes and designs, which can be ordered directly off-the-shelf.

A Roof-Pro PF Frame can support a wide range of external condenser units, including smaller DX units and larger VRV/VRF systems, and is designed to ensure maximum wind stability and load management.

Roof-Pro has over 18 years of industry experience when it comes to supporting various plant units and building services on flat roofs.

This market-leading expertise means that we are ideally placed to advise the project team on the most appropriate support method to suit your on-site requirements.

The project that we carried out at St. George’s Hospital (below) is an excellent example of this, as the support frame for the external condenser units had to span over the existing rooflights.

Roof Pro Condenser SupportFor all of our support solutions, we recommend a minimum building clearance of at least 500mm to allow for future roof maintenance under these units, so that long-term value and cost savings are ultimately provided to the Building Owner.

We are more than happy to create a Bespoke Support Solution to suit your project requirements, and should this be necessary, a Roof-Pro Surveyor can meet with you on-site.

They will then provide you and your project team with detailed CAD designs for approval.

It does not even matter if the roof space itself is not flat, as a Roof-Pro Support System can be adapted to allow for even a severe pitch or slope on a roof.

The image below is from a job that we did at Durban House in Brighton, which highlights the unparalleled engineering and design that goes in to our Bespoke Support Solutions.

Please feel free to contact your local Technical Sales Manager to discuss your project requirements in detail.

Alternatively, you can call 01536 383865 or e-mail for further information about our products and services.