Roof Access Systems UK – Durham University NETPark

1st October, 2015

Roof Access Systems UK – Roof-Pro designed a bespoke solution which provided safe access to AHU’s and other buildings services units at NETPark.

Roof Access Systems – Designing an Access Area for Durham University NETPark

WP_20150519_010As experts in the design of roof access systems, Roof-Pro has been involved in many specialist projects and worked with a wide range of different industries and sectors throughout the UK.

H Malone, a major provider of buildings services, including air conditioning and heating, contacted Maria Driver, Roof-Pro’s Sales Manager in the North East, to assist them with a project at Durham University’s NETPark.

H Malone have used Roof-Pro’s expertise on a number of major projects over the past few years, including work on a number of complex layouts involving supports and frames for a variety of AHU’s, chiller units, pipes, ducts and cables, as well as roof access systems for personnel access. They chose us again for this challenge because we are experts in our field, provide professional expert advice and deliver a cost effective solution every time.

About NETPark

NETPark is an internationally recognised science and technology park providing support to business across County Durham and the North East. The park is home to a number of high tech start-ups and research groups and the buildings accommodate not only personnel but a wide range of computing and other sensitive equipment, often requiring high air quality in specialised working environments including laboratory areas, server rooms and clean rooms. Roof-mounted building services such as AHU’s are essential to ensure protection of sensitive equipment as well as the comfort of occupants, and require regular maintenance and inspection by buildings management.

WP_20150519_006An important feature of NETPark is its role as an incubator of new businesses, which means that building occupants can change every few years as businesses grow and move on, to be replaced by new start-ups. This means that the client needed a roof access system which would not only be fit for purpose for the companies already occupying buildings, but be flexible to take account of changing needs.

The NETPark Project

The task was to fit an access system around a complicated layout of pipework and a bank of air handling units which were already in place. To add to the complexity of the project there was very limited roof space for any access bases to sit on. We also faced tight timescales, with just two months from initial contact to delivery of the finished solution. Roof-Pro worked closely with H Malone’s team, visiting the site and advising on the best and safest solution within budget and timeframe.

Following detailed requirements gathering, we designed and built a bespoke solution, consisting of a caged ship’s ladder leading to a high platform so a safe access route to the bank of AHU’s was possible, designed to fit perfectly into the limited space given.

As with all our roof support products, whether support frames, cable trays or access systems, the structure was mounted on our non-slip support feet, providing a stable base but without damaging the surface of the roof. Should the rooftop layout change in the future, the structure can be easily repositioned or removed as required.

Roof Access Systems from Roof-Pro

We supply a number of standard roof access products including:

  • Walkways – Designed to prevent trips and falls by providing a flat, safe walking area with high guardrails on each side.
  • Stepovers – Steps with guardrails enabling personnel to safely navigate obstacles of varying heights, from roof level pipes and ductwork, to high service units.
  • Platforms – Designed to provide safe access to high areas for maintenance or inspection, our platforms feature guardrails and steps.

These components are fully compatible with each other, enabling a complete rooftop access solution to be created in the majority of situations. And, because we hold these standard components in stock, it can allow a solution to be designed and put in place quickly.

However, in addition to our standard components, the Roof-Pro technical team can design a custom solution to cater for individual requirements, either putting together standard products in a unique way, or, as in the case of the NETPark project, creating customised components. As well as producing complete GA drawings we carry out full loading calculations to ensure safety in use. The final design is then manufactured to BS quality standards, complying with Building Regulations Document K.

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